Microsoft Access slow performance working with SharePoint lists

Using Microsoft Access with linked tables to SharePoint lists is a common scenario even in large companies because is the easiest way to change bulk data stored on SharePoint sites. So being asked to perform some update operations on SharePoint lists, I have discovered I could do nothing, because Access was simple freezing trying to run the queries. Was a surprise for me because I had no problem when I have used Access installed on Windows 7. All of the problems appeared once I have installed and update Windows 8.1

I did a Google search for similar issues. I tried different proposes solutions until I have reached this article.

It turned out security update KB2992611 created some performance issues for ODBC connections and I did not see this before because I did not install all Windows updates. Immediately after I removed this update, Access performance was back to normal.

I hope this will help you to solve similar situations you might see. Before going to other solutions, remove the update and see if the issue is fixed.


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